Donald Trump Celebrity Latex Mask Ideal for Parties Halloween | MAGA Pin Included

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DIY TRUMPKIN PUMPKIN by @swelldesigner

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  • PRE-HALLOWEEN SALE! Low prices until October 1.
  • MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN or at least your next party. Our Donald Trump Novelty Mask lets you revel in The Art of the Deal, to the delight of guests. Turn any gathering into something really special.
  • LIFE-LIKE HAIR lets you give The Donald his signature coif. Put a red ball cap atop Donald's head and hold an impromptu town hall meeting to re-assure our country that you do NOT have small hands.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST with this latex over-the-head mask. Eye holes pre-cut and can be widened to fit the wearer, mouth and nostrils ensure breathability and vision during wearing. Before use, mask should be aired out and prepared by turning inside-out and wiping with a damp cloth.
  • ALSO INCLUDES premium 2.5" round "Make America Great Again" button that is sure to make your costume-and the United States-even better.