Wild Himalayan Pink Salt - 100% Natural And Healthy Gourmet Unrefined Pink Salt From Deep Under The Himalayan Mountains (8 ounce) (Fine - Cooking Size)

More about this Product

  • Wild Pink Himalayan Pink Salt is mined from deep under the Himalayan mountains. The salt is hundreds of millions of years old, the purest salt on the on Earth that has not been touched by man and his pollution.
  • Transform your cooking and your drinks with this subtle flavor enhancer! Wild Pink Salt has a smooth, unassuming flavor, even more subtle than high-quality sea salts. It is useful for cooking, salt rubs, drinks, and even as a finishing salt.
  • Color = Functional Nutrition! Wild Himalayan Pink is a beautiful pink due to the natural mineralization in the crystal salt. With over 80+ trace minerals and electrolytes, Wild Pink truly is nature's way of replenishing your body!
  • Wild Pink Salt is a must-have staple in the healthy kitchen. Use it often and liberally and celebrate your better tasting recipes with this delicious pink crystal salt! We particularly like the Wild Pink Salt for drink recipes to help you taste the other ingredients without imparting a salty flavor!
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