Born Pretty 3Pcs Clear Jelly Nail art Transparent Soft Stamper and 3 Christmas Scraper Set DIY Polish Print Template Manicure Accessories

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More about this Product

  • 1.Suitable for different size image designs, easy and fast for DIY nail art, apply to your nails or other objects.
  • 2.Enjoy the fun and creativity of do it yourself nail art stamping
  • 3.Not only allow you to hit your desired location every time on your nails, but it also save polish thanks to more accurate stamping.
  • 4.Quantity: 3Pcs stamper + 3pcs BornPretty scraper
  • 5.These silicone stamper head is so clear ,no more lining up issues! Seeing through the stamper + perfectly lining up a design is pure Genius!