Culinary Elements Bamboo Candy and Caramel Apple Sticks for 50 Individual Servings, 1-pack

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  • SHARP TIPS: Pierce into each apple with the pointed end, guiding it through the center of the apple as you prepare to douse it in caramel and other toppings.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Don't limit yourself! This accessory can also be used for cake pops, corn dogs, and other carnival-style food so you can carry it around without a plate or bowl.
  • LARGE: At nine inches long, they extend as far as you need when inserting them into the apple. With 50 sticks included in the set, make sure you load up on apples and caramel at the grocery store.
  • DURABLE: The sticks are made of high-quality bamboo with a smooth finish, designed for use with apples and other foods without the risk of splinters.
  • MADE BY CULINARY ELEMENTS: This product is ensured to be the same high quality you know and love from Culinary Elements.