Smooth Foam Wreath Ring (White) - 13" Diameter x 2.5" Inches Thick for Crafts, School and Modeling Projects

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Easy DIY Patriotic Door Decor Balloon Wreath

July 4th






More about this Product

  • MAKE CRAFTS: Modeling, Sculptures and School Science Projects, Wedding Decorations, Floral Decorations, Foam Paint Decoration, Baby Shower Decorations, Homework, Art and more!
  • HAVE FUN: Provides an Ideal Surface to Paint, Glue, Cut, Sand, Pin, and for Whatever You Can Imagine, You Can Create!
  • PERFECT SIZE: 13 Inch Smooth Foam wreath, Lightweight and Buoyant, and Sturdy and Strong for Crafting
  • DURABLE: Glue or Paint it, Create Decorations and More. Cut with a Hot Wire Cutter for best results.
  • START TODAY: Polystyrene wreath, White Foam wreath, Decorative wreath, Craft wreath, Smooth wreath, Foam wreath. Get this today for your project.