CURLY HAIR SOLUTIONS - Slip Detangler (33.8 Fluid Ounce/1 Liter)

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: The conditioning ingredients of this curls detangler will leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny without ever over-moisturizing the hair. Curl Keeper Slip Detangler is perfect if applied after color applications, but can also be used daily as part of your regular hair maintenance routine.
  • ADJUST PH OF YOUR HAIR: Thanks to its unique formula, Slip Detangler has the strength to adjust the PH balance of your hair to give you strong, healthy hair without adding any weight.
  • KIDS SAFE: Slip Detangler Formula contains only high-quality ingredients, and it is so gentle and safe that can also be used for kids.
  • NO MORE TANGLES AND KNOTS: Thanks to its unique formula, Slip Detangler will allow you to smoothly glide your comb or fingers through your hair providing less resistance when removing tangles and knots.
  • SILICONES-FREE: Curl Keeper is a series of products that will perform 100% of the time, on every curly head, in all weather conditions, without the use of silicones. The ingredients utilized in our formula are always the highest quality and are never tested in animals.