GRASS GREEN Thermochromic Pigment 2g, 31C-87.8F

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More about this Product

  • This is MOOD pigment! Stays a bright Green color up to 31C/87.8F!
  • Watch it change from colored into no color at all as it gets warmer! PLEASE NOTE: the color comes with the COLD- the warmer it gets, the whiter/ more clear it becomes. If your product arrives in the mail looking white- put it in the fridge for a few minutes & the color will come out!
  • Fun stuff to use if you want to do hidden messages or pictures.
  • Make your own mood rings, temperature gages, or whatever else your imagination comes up with.
  • This item is NEITHER Glow in the Dark NOR UV Reactive. In fact, without a proper topcoat this product has a low UV tolerance.