Shrinky Dink Statement Necklace

I Spy DIY - A Darby Smart Designer
I Spy DIY - A Darby Smart Designer
By I Spy DIY
Steps & Supplies

1. Arrange & Glue

Arrange your Swarovskis into a delightful design on top of your plastic. When you've settled on your design, apply glue to the back of your crystals using your swab and press them firmly in place on the plastic backing. Allow the glue to set for about 10-15 minutes before handling.

Swarovski drop necklace step 1

2. Cut & Glue

Measure your chain around your neck to see where you'd like it to fall, then use your jewelry pliers to pry open a link and seperate your outer chain. The remaining chain will line the inside of your necklace. Once your crystals feel secure enough to handle, cut the plastic around your design leaving a 1/4- 1/2" border for the chain. Find the middle of your outer chain and line up your crystals to ensure it's centered. Using your swab again, apply glue to the border of your crystal design, then lay your outer chain on top of the plastic border. Repeat with the inner chain. Allow the glue to set again for another 10-15 minutes before handling.

Swarovski drop necklace step 2

3. Link Your Chain

To link your outer and inner chains together, attach jump rings to the ends of your inner chain. Pull the two chains out straight and attach the inner chain to the outer chain where they meet.

Swarovski drop necklace step 3

4. Attach Your Clasp

Lastly, attach a jump ring to your lobster clasp - all done. Hello stunner!

Swarovski drop necklace step 4
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