Make the Trendiest Pinterest Project Ever - Ombre Distressed Mason Jars

Larissa of Sugar Queens - A Darby Smart Designer
By Larissa of Sugar Queens
Steps & Supplies

1. Mix It!

First add a healthy portion of the the purple yam paint to all three areas/containers (whatever you have chosen to mix your paint in), then add party streamer to all three as well and mix them up. Next, add white to only two of the three and stir again. Be sure to add more white paint in one of the paints than the other. This will ensure variation in color and give you three different shades to create your ombre effect!

Ombre mason jar step 1

2. Test it!

Now that you have your hues mixed, test them out. Draw three parallel swabs with your paint brush. This will let you know if you have your shades just right. You can always add more white paint to create a bigger variance in your colors if needed. But if you like what you see, you can move onto the next step.

Ombre mason jar step 2

3. Paint It!

Once you have your paints mixed to the perfect shade, using your foam brush apply the paint generously. Rinse your foam brush and repeat with the next shade, then rinse and repeat again with your final shade! Apply a second coat as needed.

Step 2   paint it

4. Sand It!

Focusing on the raised areas lightly sand until you achieve your desired distressed look. And voila, your vintage look is complete!

Step 3   sand it
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