DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

By Simeen
  • Is the paint/sealant safe if using the coaster as a cruvet?
  • nice
  • what do you use to stick cork onto back of tile for a coaster?
  • Gorilla Glue ... or chewing gum in a pinch.
  • Great question Kathy and thanks for the suggestions Dan! We provide 5 Star extra bond super glue with this DIY kit and it definitely does the job!
  • Is this Item safe to be used as a heating coaster....or a trivet....kinda thing on the table to the pan to sit on if its too hot to be on the actual table? I hope this makes sense....??? I just need to know if its safe if it gets hot basically?
  • Hi Tanya, we love that idea, but we personally tested this out for ya and found that the mod podge is not suitable for sustained heat. If you don't use the mod podge as a sealant, then the ceramic tiles and spray paint will withstand heat. Hope this helps :)
  • thank you very much
  • I made these tonight... If you are like me and not the best with stencils, WD40 on a Q tip cleans it up perfectly!!
  • Thanks for taking the time to share this helpful tip, Stephanie! You're awesome ;).
  • Darby Smart You're the awesome ones! I also discovered that the next time I make these, I should sponge on the paint. I am a bit heavy-handed with spray paint. ;-) I love crafting-- it is my number one form of therapy!
  • I think you mean a trivet, a tile on which to set hot items. The answer is given under question above by Tanya Alexander. To repeat: you can only use them with hot items if you DON'T seal with the Mod Podge.
  • I did not have great luck with this project. The stencils I received had been rolled to fit into the box so I had trouble getting them to lay flat. I think it would be better to provide a regular pot of paint instead of spray paint. Maybe it's just me but I find it difficult to paint such delicate stencils with spray paint. Unfortunately I wasted $22 but at least I had fun attempting to be crafty.
  • I absolutely love these! I feel like it's hard not to get a little spray under the stencil, but I used nail polish remover and a Q-tip to take the paint off of the lines and it worked great!! Another alternative to Stephanie's WD40 trick below. Thanks for such a great craft!
  • Thanks for sharing your tricks of the trade with us and other Darby Smarters Jennifer! Super awesome of ya ;)
  • Sorry ya didn't like the project Stephanie and thanks for giving us your feedback, it's always welcomed and appreciated! Hopefully you'll try us out again and we can earn ya back!
  • Made these coasters a month ago or so and they turned out beautiful! I definitely agree with what others have said, clean up with nail polish remover or WD-40 (and a fine paint brush) is a must, even after trying to flatten the stencils more by pressing them between books for a week. However, because of the time cleanup took, I would definitely say that it took more than 45 minutes... more like 2 hours. But that's okay, because it was still a fun and relaxing project! Also, I would add that these have gotten a little marked up/gunky with regular use. So they'll never look as good as they did when they were brand new.
  • I find using a spray removable adhesive on the back of a stencil holds it in place better. Then after paint cures wash off adhesive.
  • Spray the stencils with temporary adhesive first, no need to clean up under stencils.
  • Can you get more than 4 coasters? If so, where?
  • Right now, we only sell our tile coasters in the projects, but we have offer other coasters in our supply store, like leather and wood :)
  • Hi! I didn't get instructions for this kit. Should I apply the Mod Podge to the tiles before the paint as well as after?
  • I'm not a crafter, at all!! But the Moroccan design is lovely!! It will go well with much of my decor!! Looking forward to it!! Thanks!
  • You can buy these tiles at Lowes hardware store for .15 cents each.
  • After doing the mod podge, you should do a few layers of a matte spray sealer. This seals the mod podge and doesn't allow water from glasses to penetrate it and make it gunky.
  • Darby Smart the super glue is not showing up on the list of supplies?
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