DIY Magnetic Terrariums

  • Are these live plants and moss, or faux?
  • Yes, these are real plants :) Had a few for a long time. easy to care for as well
  • Ronnie Bruens We love that you took the time to respond to a fellow Darby Smarter Ronnie! Thank you :)
  • The plants and moss are both live Jessica and this project is awesome!
  • Ronnie Bruens Darby Smart Thanks! I love terrariums and I happen to have a magnetic shelf at work where these would look lovely.
  • Are the air plants all the same type or do they vary in each box?
  • Love this!
  • Looking forward to this DIY! Been looking for cute terrariums, and now i'll be making my own... even better!
  • We love this project too Christina! Its been so popular since its launch 2 days ago :)
  • We think DIYing it is so much better too Katie ;).
  • I wanted to purchase this... but alas, no shipping to Canada... :(
  • Hi Ronnie! Sorry we are not there yet, but shoot us a note to [email protected] and we will see what we can do ;).
  • Do you still water these? I love this project..... i just want to know how you get them to not mold from the water??
  • Great question Bailey! We looked into proper care instructions for ya and here is what we found: Water your air plant(s) 2-3 times per week; more often in a hot, dry environment; less often in a cool, humid one. After wetting your plants thoroughly, turn them upside down and gently shake them. The plants should be given enough light and air circulation to dry in no longer than 4 hours after watering. Hope this helps :)
  • Is this project time sensitive? Can I order it and save it for a couple of months? Or do I need to complete the project (with the live plants) as soon as it arrives? Is it safe to send it to northern Montana when it is still snowing?
  • do these plants grow?
  • Great question Missy! We have looked into this for you and while they may grow a tiny bit with appropriate care, they will not grow a significant amount. Let us know if you have any more questions on this :)
  • I received my box today and was going to make these as a gift to someone but the plastic film was not in the box. Is it possible to just mail me out the plastic film sheet? Everything else was there. Thank you.
  • Oh-no...We are sending this out to you today!!!
  • Darby Smart I love air plants and from my research, I've found a light misting also works like from a little atomizer or tiny spray bottle. Just a thought :)
  • I just ordered mine a few days ago. How do I track the shipping? I hope they are here in time for Mother's day.
  • Hi Hailey! When you order is shipped out, you will receive an email with a tracking number so you can track your box along its way. We checked on your order and will ship this out to you today! We ship all orders 2 day priority mail, so you will definitely receive yours in time for mother's day :).
  • Darby Smart thank you:)
  • Hailey Brianne Jankowski No Problem ;).
  • Hi! Do you send it to México?
  • Hi Camille! Could you shoot us a note to [email protected] and we will see what we can do for ya ;)
  • Hi- My package arrived to make terrariums saying to come to website for directions. Can't find site search or directions link? Seems fairly simple -- except for what to do with the adhesive? Is this to seal terrarium shut? Hold clear plastic in place? Glue stones? Help ??? haha. Thanks!
  • Hi Colleen! We are here to help indeed lol. Simply go to this link: and enter in your secret code. Shoot us an email to [email protected] if you have any other questions!
  • ah ha! thanks for quick response! I was typing address into google search engine, not browser. Many Thanks :)
  • Colleen Mari Mays No problem! Happy crafting ;).
  • Darby Smart how do i access my diy instructions?
  • SUPER excited to get this! And with $10 off my first order, it's the best on-the-cheap date night crafts ever! :-D So happy I discovered Darby Smart. I've been itching to do more creative things, and I think I found the best resource to do just that :-)
  • You don't need to make it right away but you will need to water the plants accordingly. I water my air plants once every 2 wks. I soak them over night in water and then let then drain in the dish drainer.
  • Yes, they can grow. You can buy specific fertilizer for air plants (check etsy) and it also depends on the variety of plants they are and also where they are displayed.
  • I got my kit super fast! I will be making them tomorrow and then I will post a pic!
  • Can't wait to see how yours turned out Renee!
  • Renee Barnhart Thanks for posting care instructions here Renee! This is super helpful :).
  • Flora, Renee did an awesome job answering this, but you can either take it out, water the air plants as needed while your waiting to send the package, which is fine to send even if its still snowing, or you can have us send it directly to your lucky recipient whenever the time is ready, by including a different shipping address when you check out :)
  • My plastic is missing. :( Can someone tell me how to get what isn't in my package? First timer here.
  • Hi Gretchen! We will be emailing you about this now!
  • One of your best projects to date, Darby Smart! I love any crafts that don't look "homemade." Not that homemade is bad. Just that some things cheapen the decor of a house if it looks too crafty. These break the mold because they are soooo modern and sleek! It brightens my day to see them on my frig everyday :) They add a slash of color and life to what otherwise is usually a very drab area of the house (the frig door). PS Remember to take them out of their containers to water them or you will have moldy containers on your hands!
  • Boo, one of my plants is just not alive. When it watered them today, one just looks like a sad, floppy bundle of wet grass. The other two are nice and juicy.
  • Victoria, if you shoot us a note to [email protected], we can send you another plant no problem!
  • Thank you, that would be awesome! I do love my little plant friends. Message is on it's way. :-)
  • Love your enthusiasm and excitement for crafts and Darby Smart and we really love the idea of "best cheap date night crafts ever"! Hope you loved this project Katie!
  • Awwhhhh thanks Melisa! We totally feel ya on wanting something that looks like a million bucks ;). Well, maybe not quite that expensive but these def are modern and sleek as you say! And we're super happy to hear that they brighten your day! That's what crafting is all about right?!
  • I hate to be greedy but guess that I am... How do I get $10.00 off my first offer?
  • Ha, no probs Lana! You should receive an email when you first sign up! If you didnt get an email, shoot us a note to [email protected] and we'll figure it out for ya :).
  • Hey, does anyone know if these would survive in a basement office with no windows? They would be so great to add some life to "the dungeon"!
  • I got my kit and was excited to get started on it. But the film is all scratched up. It wasn't protected in the box by anything during shipping. Is there any way to get another film?
  • Hey Boinky! Love your excitement and can you please shoot us a note to [email protected] and we'll get ya taken care of!
  • Trying to order a few projects using two gift codes and it won't accept them. Please help!
  • Shoot us a note to [email protected] and we'll help ya figure it out!
  • Got this kit for my 11 year old niece. She loved making them and they turned out super cute. Thou we did have some issues with the glue not strong enough to hold the plastic on. We improvised using my hot glue gun and that worked fine. Still a Four star craft in my book.
  • I received my kit super fast but with no says to enter a code but the space for a code on my card is blank....where can I access the instructions so I can make these ASAP...PLEASE!
  • I was too impatient to wait for an answer so I went ahead and did it my way LOL...they came out great :)
  • Hi Cali! We know what it feels like to be super excited to start your project, and we're super glad your way turned out awesome!
  • Thanks for sharing Melissa and happy your sharing your love for crafts with your niece....start em' early we say ;)
  • Hi! I received my kit , super fast, about 2 weeks ago. The plastic was all scratch up! 2 of the air plants looked kinda brownish. I went on site and entered the code for directions. I followed the direction for the plants. Afterwards, the plants perked up. Now, the 2 that looked kinda brownish are dead! The other one looks great :-) To just have had them about 2 weeks, I'm not happy.
  • Hi Vickie! We hate to see our Darby Smarters unhappy, so please shoot us a note to [email protected] and we'll get ya taken care of!
  • the code is greenthumb
  • Laura Garton where do I enter the code greenthumb?
  • I received my kit quickly, but short one air plant! It was however, promptly rectified and even sent back with a hand written note and an adorable gift. How many businesses do you know do that?! I was very, very happy! And my project looks great :)
  • Cali Black Go to and enter in the code there!
  • Awwhhhh, thanks for sharing Theresa! We love our Darby Smarters, and glad that shows! And def shoot us a note to [email protected] and we'll get ya another air plant no probs!
  • Darby Smart thank you again :) everyone who sees them wants one! :)
  • I'm not sure I am happy with my purchase, I didn't get the $10.00 off nor can I find where to put the "how to code" in to get directions to build my project. I don't think it was worth the hassle. Nor the money without the discount. :(
  • My e'mails weren't returned either. The plastic looks like it was run over.
  • Devini McBride Hi Devini! Go to and there's a blank box for you to enter in the how to code. Also, we did not receive any emails from you...did you email us at [email protected]? Please do so again, and we'll get ya taken care of!
  • Thank you! :D
  • I also already purchase 2 orders and. I don't need a code for another order.
  • What's the species name of the air plants? Or is it possible to purchase a replacement plant separately?
  • Hi, my friend and I received our box and are very excited to start, but can't find any directions or codes in the box. Hopefully someone can help with directions? Thanks, can't wait!!
  • Is there someone I can speak to about missing parts in my package?
  • Such a cool idea, anyone could have fun putting them together.
  • What is the maintenance on these plants? Are they watered to stay alive? Or is that plastic there to keep everything in? It says air plants, so I assume they are not watered...?
  • Gotta try this! <3
  • Bromeliad. Very easy to find.
  • There are no directions because it's a "free form" art. You put them together however you want to~
  • You can mist them with water once a week OR soak them for a couple of hours every 2-3 wks. and drain them on paper towels. I soak mine so the misting doesn't get everything else wet.
  • If I order the plant kits now, well they stay fresh to give as xmas gifts?
  • It says that they come with DIY instructions, so....
  • I love this item! My kit came with out instructions, but it is super easy to figure out. I will say that it is a little light on the gravel, but I added a few iridescent glass marbles into the mix and they look fabulous.
  • Love the Magnetic Terrariums. I want to purchase 5 for Xmas Gifts but do not want to order to early and have to take care of all the air plants. Do you have Gift Certificates?
  • Good morning. I received my kit promptly, thank you very much! I didn't receive any directions. I don't know how to glue the gravel down: glue a bunch at a time?? What is the best way?
  • I would love to buy this as an Xmas gift. How far In advance can I make a purchase and have the plants still look fresh?
  • I would like to order for each family with my Grandchildren. One family is in Chicago & my daughter home schools. Then I have 2 families here. Do you ship on a specified date and separate gifts to 2 different locations. And do you wrap and will it ruin the plants, staying wrapped until Christmas & the 26th?
  • The magnetic terrariums are great! I didn't get an instruction code card in my box. Does anyone know the code? I just want to make sure I cut the plastic correctly. Thanks!
  • we do! you can find them here:
  • the code is GREENTHUMB . .happy DIYing!
  • I wouldnt glue the gravel down but rather glue the plastic inside the tin and then pour gravel in!
  • Why is the price 40.00? It adds up to 20.00...
  • This kit used to be $19, but with the new website model, it is now $39. That is ridiculous. There should be a bundle discount when you are buying all of the materials. A >100% price increase is absurd. I hope the new pricing model for "kits" does not stick around.
  • Hi Rose - we love hearing your feedback. The reason we moved from kits to supplies is that most of our Darby Smart users told us they love the DIY inspiration we provide but they want to buy supplies individually. in some cases, that has caused prices to increase but in all cases we believe we are still offering the best available price for each of these products. If you feel differently, shoot me a note anytime!
  • Why don't any of this kits comes with instructions? Everybody is saying that
  • Love how you sell everything as a kit. Do you have any other styles to choose from?
  • we have tons! what are you looking for?
  • Received this kit today. Everything is good quality. Are there directions on the website?
  • There are! if you click the "STEPS" tab above, you will be able to locate those!
  • Had a slight issue receiving my first order. Tracking my order it was a week stuck in San Francisco. Sent an email and I was shipped another kit asap, received it today. Looks like fun, can't wait to get started...
  • Because you need a quantity of three of the last two products listed which makes the price $40.
  • I love these just can't find the tins or the size to get
  • you can get a three pack with lids from IKEA
  • Hi Janice! If you click supplies above, we sell the tins. We tested these tins to ensure the magnets are strong enough to hold your terrariums!
  • <3
  • What a cool idea!!
  • What a fun website, thanks for the amazing ideas !
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