The Magazine Clutch

Stacie Grissom - A Darby Smart Designer
Stacie Grissom
Stacie Grissom - A Darby Smart Designer
By Stacie Grissom
Steps & Supplies

1. Measure and Cut

Start off by measuring your magazine cover. Wrap the cover around your purse and cut the page to make the perfect fit.

Step 1 cut it

2. Glue It

Add a thin layer of glue directly onto the top of the backside of your cover. Make sure you only place the glue behind the top of the cover. This will keep the cover in place for the next step.

Step 2 glue it

3. Seal the Back

Apply a generous layer of Mod Podge to the back of your magazine cover. The Mod Podge will seal the cover to your clutch.

Step 3 seal the back

4. Seal the Front

Finally, apply some mod podge onto the front of your cover. This will make your clutch water resistant. That is it. Time to style with your September subscription!

Step 4 seal the front
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