DIY The Magazine Clutch

Stacie grissom cropped
Stacie Grissom
Stacie grissom cropped
By Stacie Grissom
  • What a cute idea, can't wait to tell my friends about your kit!
  • This looks awesome!
  • Thanks! They are so simple to make with Stacie's kit. We just adore them!
  • Glad you love it! Send us pics of the ones you and your friends make!
  • I love this. Check out my comic book clutches on FB vida craddock.
  • OMG, this is so cute! Please please please bring this back!
  • This is my favorite kit! I would buy a few at a time! Please bring it back!
  • We love the Magazine Clutch! But, being one of our first projects launched, we are biased ;). And we are thinking about it, so keep checking back!
  • Thanks Izumi! And although we aren't bringing it back today, there's always tomorrow ;)
  • That would be awesome! If there is any change, pls gmail me at [email protected]!
  • Just found your site - really wish I could do this box, or at least know where you got the black clutch from.
  • So awesome you found our site and the clutch is $44 on amazon but we're bringing this project back this May! Can you wait?!
  • It would be cute with like old comic books too
  • Love that you are thinking of creative ideas for this clutch and sharing it here! An old comic book cover would be awesome :). Thanks Hailey!
  • Darby Smart Is the May re-release still happening?
  • Oh dear heavens, I want this. This NEEDS to come back!
  • Hahahaha, sooooo many requests for this one and this was one of our first projects we launched here at Darby Smart! But, all of our projects are limited, so when you love one, you got get it fast ;)!
  • I know, seriously! I didn't discover Darby Smart until recently, so I totally missed out on this one. There were some rumors and rumblings about bringing this gem back, though. Any news there? I'd honestly buy about a dozen...because I know all my friends are going to want one after I make my own.
  • Please bring this back!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking for something like this for years. PLEASE :)
  • If you have so many request, what's the problem in getting it back???
  • Ok, so I just found you- found this, and BLAH! you are out?? I want to make this for prezzies! Please bring it back- and could you let me know!? I would SO love to write about you guys on my blog...pls contact me if interested!
  • Sooooo many requests and the original clutch sold out, but as we've promised many others before ya, we're working on finding the next perfect clutch :)
  • Hi Patti! Super glad ya found us, and like so many others, fell in love with this project! We are working on bringing it back, so keep checking back!
  • The original clutch sold out, so we can't get it! It's hard to find another clutch we're in love with and we only launch projects with supplies we love! We're working on finding an even better replacement so we can offer the best to our Darby Smarters.
  • Beverley Palasik the rumors are true!
  • Frie Shor we're holding a vote! if we get enough votes on this one by Monday we're bringing it back in time for Vogues September Issue!
  • Patti DelVallewe're holding a vote this weekend! if we get enough votes by Monday we're bringing it back in time for Vogue's September Issue!
  • We're holding a vote this weekend! if we get enough votes by Monday we're bringing it back in time for Vogue's September Issue!
  • Lisa San Gabriel The May release got held up but we're holding a vote this weekend! if we get enough votes by Monday we're bringing it back this August in time for Vogue's September Issue!
  • Izumi Shibasaki We're holding a vote this weekend! if we get enough votes by Monday we're bringing it back in time for Vogue's September Issue!
  • I am so happy that Darby Smart has brought it back, and I did not hesitate to order. I cannot wait for it to arrive. Thanks
  • We thought our Darby Smarters would love that it's BACK, but super glad you didn't wait to order Gia cause its going to be sold out very soon!
  • This is amazing! I wish you could come up with a book version to replicate the Kate Spade book clutch--where you create a clutch with a book like Pride and Prejudice or Tale of Two Cities. I want one so bad but the Kate Spades are so expensive! I've thought about trying to make one before on my own but didn't feel confident it would turn out...
  • Such an awesome idea Elissa! We may hold onto this one for future inspiration!
  • So pre-ordering this right now ;)
  • Beverley Palasik It's back, but get yours quick!
  • Frie Shor Its back Frie!
  • It's back Ti!
  • Lisa San Gabriel It's back!
  • So do you just glue the cover onto the bag and that's it, or is there some kind of finisher/sealant that you use to stop it getting damaged?
  • I would REALLY like a reply on this please!
  • The directions for this project appear to be sold with the kit.
  • Olwen Donaldson-Smith The modpodge is a special glue that works as a sealant.
  • Elissa, you are right! That would be a great idea and I think I saw it some where...(in my dreams?)anyway, if you can cut out the typed area of the book, leaving the white borders, then reinforce the borders with glue so they don't move... Add a strap, hinges and a clasp and anything else you want, you're all set!
  • By the way, you can call it: " Last Chance Mysteries" by Darby Smart ! lol
  • Photocopy the cover that you like best and stack it with a stack of plain paper. It looks like it might work :)
  • Michelle Jackson I used to make canvas clutches. There are actually products out there that adhere paper items (even napkins) to fabric ~ it becomes waterproof. I've used this technique on quilt wall hangings, so I'm not sure if the product withstands repeated wear/washing. What a great idea for a blank canvas clutch I have waiting for it's new life!
  • I've read about ironing cloth to freezer paper to print it. My husband's late wife did that to make labels for quilts she made.
  • the kit has modpodge, which you can buy at walmart. There is a modpodge formula which is a hard coat, which would probably be better for something that will get used a lot. You probly have to go to craft store to get the hard coat kind, but the regular will work. Give it a day or so to dry really well.
  • put the modpodge on the clutch, and on the baclk of the paper. After its set, paint on aother coat of modpodge. big flat paintbrush will work better than the sponge on in the kit, but the sponge one is ok and inexpensive.
  • Jenifer Calandra Willis Thank you!
  • Constance Rae Nelson Thanks for all the great advice :)
  • Olwen Donaldson-Smith YW
  • Just ordered mine....can't wait to get it... What is the dimensions of the clutch?
  • @Elissa Owens Ricks Check out pinterest, I just saw a tutorial on how to make the Kate Spade book clutch... it's wicked easy!
  • check out [email protected]
  • I didn't get the instructions with the purse, other than that I love it! Any way I can get those?
  • Jenifer Calandra Willis and is very inexpensive, all big box stores carry it and it is very shiney when done, BUT don't use to much it becomes sticky in humid weather.
  • Mine just arrived in the mail, but it the instructions were missing :( is there place to download them or something?
  • I had one of these many years ago. Dang I should've kept it it's true trends & styles repeat themselves in time.
  • wish this came already put together how sad
  • Okay, these were popular when I was young. Everything comes around again eventually.
  • Still have mine from the 1970's…Everything old is new again!
  • I forgot to jot down the special code to get $10 off this project, before my laptop froze! Can anyone help? Thanks!
  • I order mine on September 2nd. Any idea when I will get it? I thought it had 2 day shipping, but I haven't received it yet. Can't wait though!
  • Rose M Beck , thanks so much!
  • I just wanted to add that I received my Magazine Clutch Kit today when I returned to work. I was out on Friday, so my order was received as it was supposed to be (within the 2 day turnaround time). Thanks! I am so excited to get started on to get my magazine!
  • I had her make me the "midnight in the garden of good and evil" and it's amazing!! I took it with me to New Orleans and had so many compliments!!
  • can i have one made with the scientific american evolution copy on it?
  • keep trying I do crafts alot and start off w/something not as special as the one you really want like practice... then after you make it it gets easier.. I just bet you can do it.. haven't tried these yet but I just knew all those magazine I haven't read and been keeping was gonna become something love this idea so much too.. would love to see a picture whenever you get to it..
  • How can I get the Ebony Michelle Obama clutch or an Essence one?
  • I've made one and it is super easy. You need a sturdy, an xacto knife, modge podge and a lock. You can even find the instructions online.
  • This may already be listed here, but, where do I get the instructions? I ordered the kit, but there weren't instructions, just the kit items. I can probably figure it out, but I don't know if I want to rick it. Thanks!
  • There is an artist here in RI who creates those Elissa. She takes hard cover books and converts them to Pocket Books and iPad cases. Sadly she's not doing it for the money but the love and doesn't have a website, she shows up at all the local art fairs.
  • buy the magazines
  • No instructions. Where do I get them? Love the kit, but want to know exactly how to do it.
  • Is it possible to order additional clutches?
  • she didn't design this, it's been around for decades.
  • Can you show us a picture!
  • Oops! I meant to put a question mark on previous reply.
  • You can purchase just the clutch when the project is on sale, but right now, the project is sold out, but keep checking back, this is a popular one, so we may bring it back ;)
  • Hi Ronelle! Go to and enter in the code: Mag
  • Got this box. Was slightly disappointed with the online instructions. I'm not even sure what to do with the super glue?! Could have used actual paper instructions rather than just the pictures online. Not sure how durable this will be either, but we will soon find out!
  • I received the clutch kit today. Am I missing something, or are the online "instructions" simply a series of photos? For this price, I expected clear written instructions.
  • It would be useful to know, for instance, to what dimensions the magazine cover needs to be trimmed.
  • How can I make it my self for my girls for Christmas
  • What I did on mine, was wrap the cover around the bag to size it. Then I bought clear contact paper. I cut the contact paper larger then the cover. Place the magazine cover on the contact paper centering it. Then I folded the excess over the sides of the cover. Then I place in on the bag, and folded the contact paper over the metal edge of the bag, cutting it around the clasp sections. The contact paper protects the paper cover and allows you to change it whenever you want to.
  • I just ordered this and did not get instructions or an instruction code. I can't seem to find how to contact Darby Smart about this issue.
  • Well I just got it and got zero instructions. Not to happy.
  • I had one in the 80s
  • The DIY instructions were not included in my order. How can I get ahold of the instructions? I was so excited to get this project and now very disappointed there is no instructions.., I have an awesome Beatles Magazine cover ready for the project... I would appreciate some advice...
  • Hi Amy, Sorry we forgot to add the instructions! Please email us at [email protected] and we will help you figure this out.
  • I miss the code discount. I want to purchase this for my granddaughters for Christmas. Can someone tell me please?
  • if you watch the steps, it shows you what to do.
  • I would not purchase this again because of the instructions. If you are not a crafty person they will make zero sense to you.
  • the code is HELLO .. happy crafting!
  • Actually you can buy these already made on Amezon,and they really don't cost that much, they have a lot of designs in color or black and white. ;)
  • Sabrina, Purchase the clutch kit from DarbySmart, then buy the Ebony or Essence Magazine to use for your project.
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