Gold Dipped Planters

By Elsie of A Beautiful Mess

1. Spray It

Color combo these anyway you want! Start by spraying your pots with your desired base color. Let the paint dry and then tape off your design. Then, spray with your accent color and smile. Those are some pretty pots you've created!

Hanging planters step 1

2. Hang Time

While your pots are drying, start on your leather hanger. Begin by dividing your leather cord into fourths and cut. Next, fold one end of the leather cords over, creating a loop for hanging, and tie it off with a small piece of embroidery thread. Measure at least 12 in from the loop and begin to tie your thread around the cords. Start by tying and then wrapping your first color of embroidery thread around the leather cords. Then wrap your second color where your first left off, and repeat with your third. When done, dab glue to seal the end. Finally, repeat over each one of your ties. Set your planters in the hanger and you’re set!

Hanging planters step2 (3)
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Hanging planters lifestyle collage mini

Gold Dipped Planters

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