DIY Gold Dipped Planters

By Elsie of A Beautiful Mess
  • So excited about this that I decided to order another for my daughter!
  • Do the pots have holes on the bottom?
  • Hi Jenn, They sure do!
  • It doesn't seem like the embroidery thread would be strong enough to keep the top loop from coming undone. Not sure about the way this was done.???
  • Its actually the super glue that keeps it all together. Check out Step 2 in the Steps section and you'll see how we did it
  • How'd your daughter like her present?!
  • This still is unclear. the picture in step 2 shows putting the glue over the wrapped embroidery thread not the flimsy piece at the top of the hanger (which is my concern). Also what kind of glue could possibly hold all that weight?? I have never had any luck with super glues of anykind.
  • Diane Balaskas are you using the super glue we suggest?
  • I gave up on this a long time ago.
  • What do you mean by divide the leather cord into fourths and cut? Also, I received one extremely long cord and one not-so-long cord. Is this correct?
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