Trim the Tree Glass Ornaments

Steps & Supplies

1. Fill & Swirl

Begin by removing the cap of your ornament and set it aside. Choose your paint color and shake it well. Squeeze a generous amount into the opening of your ornament and start swirling. For a half-filled look, start with less paint and add more as needed, as you won't be able to remove excess paint once you've filled it. Get even more creative by mixing colors or layering them!

Step 1 fill   swirl v1

2. Pour & Cap

Once you've achieved your desired look, get rid of any excess paint by pouring it into your small paper cups. If you have a lot of excess, place your ornament upside down on top of the paper cup to allow the excess to drip out for a few minutes. Note that any swirled paint may start to also drip in this position. When your excess paint is gone, replace the ornament cap by gently squeezing the two wire prongs to fit back into the ornament and slide the rest of the cap back on.

Step 2 pour   cap v1

3. Compose & Create

Here's where you get to take your ornaments from ordinary to extraordinary! Using your silver paint pen, compose a sentimental message or create a festive design around the outside of your ornament. Let it dry to the touch, about 5 minutes, before use.

Step 3 compose   create v1
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