DIY Geometric Jewelry Dishes

Jenni cropped
Jenni cropped
By I Spy DIY
  • We love this kit by @ispydiy .. in 1,2,3 steps you have 3 Mod Style ring dishes that add a little 70's glam to your nightstand
  • Do you sell the dishes separately? I'd like to get more of them.
  • The dishes are great and so versatile. We dont sell these separately right now, but we just launched our supplies store where we are selling individual items separately. This may be an item we start selling's a link to our store page:
  • is there any way of obtaining just the instructions, someone apparently thought they were trash "/
  • Hi Monica! No worries! We will email you the DIY instructions today :)
  • this is cool will you please send me instructions thank you!!!!
  • these are cute
  • Please e-mail me the instruction. Thank you. [email protected]
  • ay I please have the instructions also my e-mail is [email protected]
  • you don't need instructions for this, it shows you what you need. you cut shapes and modge podge them to dishes.
  • No probs, emailing them to ya now!
  • Jeannie Goodwin Sure Jeannie, we're emailing them to ya know!
  • Instruction please. Love this. [email protected] Ty
  • Darby Smart Hi can you please e-mail me the instructions [email protected]
  • Hello, how will this kit ship...USPS, UPS, FedEx? Thanks :)
  • It ships 2 day priority from USPS!
  • Just ordered my first box. Hope its worth it.
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