DIY First Snow Glass Ornaments

Ez pudewa cropped
Ez Pudewa
Ez pudewa cropped
By Ez Pudewa
  • I was not happy with this project. The first batch of ornaments sent had one broken ornament. I contacted them and they sent me six additional ornaments but they were not the same size and were smaller ones. Doing the project was much fun, but sadly, they took FOREVER to dry (literally over a week) and the paint did not stay on the glass leaving blank streaky spots. I would definitely not recommend this product. perhaps it was the paint?
  • You can buy the plain ones big at Dollar Tree, or you can get them from Hobby Lobby. I don't see instructions.
  • How can I see the instructions?
  • You need to clean the balls on the inside with rubbing alcohol. Pour in paint (acrylic), roll so paint covers the inside and drain out. It does take a while to dry, but a week is pretty long. I set them upside down on a plastic cup. Check them and twirl again if the paint doesn't stick. We have done them with 2-3 colors. I did this for a brownie group-we used cheap craft paint. Using maybe a blue, green and silver looks very pretty. you pour in some paint (2 Tablespoons each, twirl to cover, turn upside down to drain and dry. We did not do the design on the outside, really did not need to. I have found clear, glass ornaments at yard sales, and at craft stores and even at walmart. I even used up leftover craft paint. This is cheap and easy and looks fabulous. Do not spend a ton of $$, this craft has been around for at least 15 years or so.
  • My paint is very thick and doesn't move around. How can I thin it out?
  • I just received my kit! Can I paint my ornaments on the outside so that they can dry faster? Do I need to put them in the oven to cure? If so, what temperature and how long? Only 6 days until Christmas!
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