Hack Anthro with this 10 Minute DIY

Kristina B - A Darby Smart Designer
Kristina B
Kristina B - A Darby Smart Designer
By Kristina B
Steps & Supplies

1. Draw

Start by getting creative with a design or pattern that you want to draw onto your item.Looking for a few ideas to spark your creative spirit?We have tons of examples below from other Darby Smarties!

Step 1 draw

2. Gild

Next, gild our critter as much or as little as you'd like with your paint pen. Once dry, spray a coat of sealant over your critter to prevent scratching. Only use your sealant on your animal .. don't spray your dish!

Step 2 gild

3. Autograph

If you want to gift one away, autograph your dish with a personal note!

Step 3 autograph

4. Glue

Finally, dab glue onto your critter's feet and put him in his place!

Step 4 glue
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