How to Etch Glassware

Simeen - A Darby Smart Designer
Simeen - A Darby Smart Designer
By Simeen
Steps & Supplies

1. Stick It

Start by placing the design of your choice onto your glass.

Step 1 stick it

2. Coat It

Coat your glass with the etching cream and apply it to all the areas that you want to etch. Really lay the cream on thick! As a pro-tip, brush it in one direction so you get a smooth appearance.

Step 2 coat it

3. Wait & Rinse

Allow the etching cream to sit on the glass for at least 15 minutes. Remember, patience is a virtue! Then, rinse the glass under warm water until the etching cream has been removed. Finally, wash the glass with soapy water for a complete clean.

Step 3 wait   rinse

4. Enjoy

Voila! You have a made-by-me moment for any occasion!

Step 4 enjoy
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