DIY #Catweek Canisters

Joanna hawley cropped
Joanna Hawley
Joanna hawley cropped
By Joanna Hawley
  • Its #catweek in fashion land. we're celebrating by bringing back our cat-tastic canisters! Share this and you get a gift card. Use promo code: catcrush at checkout!
  • These are adorable
  • Black Cat Canisters for Halloween!
  • is there more to choice from any other stuff ... don't know were to go... do they have a page for jewelry making besides what I see
  • Yes! Here's a link that will allow you to browse all of our kits :)
  • I was too impatient to wait for a kit so I bought all the materials myself and would up spending about $4 more than if I'd ordered it even only buying two animals! Apparently these kits are a pretty good deal and they're all so cute that now you have a new subscriber. Can't wait for my first box!
  • Hahaha, thanks for sharing Jessica, and yeah, our mission here at Darby Smart is to provide not only inspiration, and quality projects, but offer our Darby Smarters a super great deal at the same time. Thanks for being a new fan ;)
  • What a fabulous DIY, I love love love it! I cannot wait to make my own! Thanks Joanna :)!
  • How many cats are you supposed to receive?
  • We give 4 cats for the 2 canisters, so you have some options ;)
  • I made the mistake of over spraying... eek! So tried again and it was much better! Spray in a cool room... spray evenly left to right... if air bubbles appear then let cool and when dry gently file these away with a nail file or with sand paper and lightly spray again. I also find spray the the two separate parts of the Mason jar lid individually prior to gluing is best - rather than as per the instructions. If you glue first then spray, paint pools in the rim. I pass this on as it is a fab project... if you learn from my mistakes! ;) :* x
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