DIY 20s Inspired Headbands

Anne weil cropped
Anne Weil
Anne weil cropped
By Anne Weil
  • for a girl who doesn't like to do her hair, these gatsby inspired headbands are the best! thank you Flax & Twine.
  • These headbands are fabulous for both me and my 8 year old daughter. We both love them!
  • Great Company,,, Best of Success-
  • Jesse D DiGregorio Nadler Thank you!
  • Loved making these, and I was able to use my $10 off, so I was able to do so for only $6, so thank-you for that :) I wish that the pearl trim came as an extra in your supply section though, I would've loved to do mine in all pearls :)
  • Alright Jaymi, we heard ya and made it happen! Here's the link
  • Darby Smart OMG, you guys really are amazing! Thank-you so much for doing that, I'm so excited now! :) But most importantly, THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart for being a business which truly listens to its customers! It seems like today that is so rare, so seeing this from you really made by day! I will be ordering tomorrow when I get paid :) Again, thank you so much! :)
  • My discount code isn't working can someone please help me?
  • Emily, can you please shoot us a note at [email protected] and we will be able to help you out :)
  • No instructions came with our teen Darby smart box for these headbands, is that normal?
  • Hi Candace! Will you shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will email you a PDF instruction card ASAP!
  • Is there a reason why my discount code won't work on these?
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