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Don't buy style,
make it.

At Darby Smart, leading designers launch simple DIY projects based on the latest fashion and home trends.
We turn their projects into kits that include chic materials and simple instructions, and send them to you. Create a unique design and show off your style.

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We Attract Amazing Designers

At Darby Smart, we put today's fashion and home trends at your fingertips. We know style's important to you and we know it's magical to create something of your own. We've got a fabulous community for designers who are constantly creating new projects. We turn their projects into DIY kits. With a Darby Smart kit, you can make and share your own style.

About kit

We Send You Delightful DIY Projects

When you open your project, we want your eyes to twinkle. When you finish your project, we want you to feel proud. To achieve that, we work hard to find uniquely chic materials. We obsess on writing fun, simple instructions. We constantly think of ways to help you define your own personal style.

About love

We Help You Make Things You Love

Making things on Darby Smart is fun. It's like being the fashion designer and the runway model all at once. You get to design your own jewelry, make your own purse. It's stuff you'll adore and be proud of. When someone complements you, you can say, “Thanks, I Made it!”

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